Value: $500 for Current or Incoming Students.

The Dan Bartell Scholarship: Dan Bartell is a retired lawyer, trust officer, and marathoner in central Arkansas.  Mr. Bartell appreciates the power of education and understands the value in helping others.  This scholarship was created to honor a man who has lived his entire life giving himself to others.  Mr. Bartell enjoys seeing people live up to their potential, and he knows that sometimes, all that is needed to create a leader is a congratulatory pat on the back and a nudge in the right direction.

The Harrelson Law Firm in Little Rock, Ark. recognizes that the cost of tuition continues to rise and that often, students and their families struggle to cover additional expenses like books, room & board, and supplies. This annual scholarship of $500 is created to allay some of the financial concerns of talented students desiring to further their education.

Please submit a 500 to 1000-word response to this question:

One of the most meaningful ways to effectuate change is through the assistance of helping others achieve their lifelong goals.  In your opinion, what can we do as a society to see more people achieve their goals and dreams?

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Students must be accepted or currently enrolled in (1) a college or university program with a major in business or the arts, or (2) a law school.
  • Favorable characteristics for this scholarship include kindness and a person who puts others before himself or herself.
  • Applicant should currently maintain a 3.0 GPA and should be active on campus. Other applicants not meeting these requirements are still encouraged to apply, as any worthy application will be considered.
  • Students should submit an updated resume and unofficial transcript along with their essay response to


  • Applications should be submitted no later than August 1, 2018.
  • The Scholarship winner will be determined and awarded no later than August 30, 2018, and payment for the scholarship will be sent immediately. It can be used for tuition, books, room & board, or any other expense associated with education.
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